Vignette of a Gadol – The Chozeh and the Upside Down Heavens

The great Chasidic master, the Chozeh of Lublin, was known to have a bad leg.  His chasidim would often help him limp from place to place in his beis medrash.  One night it was time to recite Kiddush Levana.  The moon only was visible through a window on the far side of the beis medrash.  The Chozeh’s follower’s would help him walk all the way there every month.  This specific night one of the younger students of the Chozeh, who was not aware of the moon’s location, felt bad that his rebbe would have to limp so far gave a different suggestion.  Why not use the window right next to the Chozeh’s seat, on the opposite side of the building, as the one by which they would all recite Kiddush Levana?  The Chasidim chuckled.  But to there surprise – the Chozeh agreed.  They all approached the window where the moon could not possibly be and to there amazement – there it was!  Shining brightly as if they were on the opposite side.

They said a joyous Kiddush Levana all together followed by their traditional dance.  At the conclusion, the Chozeh spoke to his Chasidim.  “You’re probably wondering how it is possible the moon appeared through this window.  Do you really think this young man had the power to change the directions of the heavens?!  Certainly not!.  But I will tell you the true answer.  When you have pity on a fellow Jew.  When you truly desire to do one little act of kindness for them.  The entire heavens turns upside down for you.”

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