Vingette of a Famous Rabbi – When Heavy Machinery is Music to the Ears

Rav Yaakov Moshe Charlop was one of the great Yerushalmi gedolim of the last century.  He became one of the closest disciples of Rav Kook and one of the molders of Religious Zionist thought.  It is said that Rav Kook used to tell people that Rav Yaakov Moshe was the only person that really understood him.

Rav Yaakov Moshe’s children recounted the following story:

In the last few years of his life, after the founding of the State of Israel, there was a tremendous amount of building in Yerushalayim.  Rav Yaakov Moshe suffered with many ailments and was in bed for the last few months of his life.  The heavy machinery was so loud in Yerushalayim, that Rav Yaakov Moshe’s children were concerned it would ruin their father’s rest and piece of mind.  They got together to discuss how they could get in touch with the contractor in the neighborhood to stop building so the famous Rabbi could live out his last few weeks in peace.  Rav Yaakov Moshe overheard them and called them in to his room.  He said, “I won’t live to see the rebuilding of Yerushalayim, at least let me listen to it……”  (Shirat Hayam – biography of Rav Yaakov Moshe)

I was in Israel this summer and woke up every morning to the sound of heavy machinery.  I never thought I would love the sound so much.

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  1. Hello – I am in Monsey and looking for a copy of Shirat HaYam -the bio of R’ Charlap — do you know where I can get it? (either in NYC area or online)? Thanks

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